Descargar Real Drum Set para PC

Real Drum Set will not make you a professional drummer, but it can get in the way. This application for Android gets on the screen of your device battery with a set of drums and different dishes.

From the beginning you can enter your own beats build and play drums how many you can. toar You need only in each of the drums and played His signature sound. When combined With the capacitive mobile screens, you’ll hit several areas at once and customize your style.

Not only are there touched freestyle. recording There is Also a tool to capture the rhythms Already you’ve perfected.

To help you a little by catching pace, there are 9 different tracks to follow and then combine it With Your own recordings. Also You can customize some set and add or remove some parts.

To use the application in Windows, install Blue Stacks, Android emulator program.

  • LICENCIA : Gratis
  • VERSION : 2016
  • Apps Android para Windows
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